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Eli Kababa
Artistic Director
Garden State Dance Project

Perhaps an unlikely entry point into the world of dance, Eli Kababa’s career began subtly while earning his black belt in Tae Kwon Do. While meeting final requirements for this marked achievement, Eli developed a love for breakdancing and Hip Hop culture that would set his life on its current course. Martial arts had developed mental focus and dexterity—passion, devotion, experimentation and communication would take care of the rest.

By 2005 Eli had begun choreographing and performing his own pieces. (Oh, and it wasn’t just breakdancing anymore.) Public recognition for creativity, effort and style inspired Eli to co-found The Garden State Dance Project, a dance company devoted to cultivating the performing arts in New Jersey. But this was only volume 1 of Eli’s encyclopedic aspirations.

Profile Pic 2Between 2005 and 2007, The Garden State Dance Project performed in countless venues throughout New York and New Jersey, quickly finding itself among NJ’s most aesthetically pleasing dance fusion ensembles. In 2007 GSDP achieved notoriety and became the company in residence at the YMHA of Northern New Jersey.


The mission? To develop youth arts programming. And Eli? The Dance Director of The School of Performing Arts.

Quickly establishing himself as a natural dance educator with a gift for connecting deeply with students, Eli’s talents became a sudden phenomenon and took over the YMHA. During his six year tenure, enrollment grew exponentially from 8 students to over 100. The programs Eli envisioned, developed and initiated took on lives of their own. His vigor and sincerity were obvious. The hype was true. The success of the dance program was due in large part to Eli inspiring students and instructors to work for their art—not for themselves.

During this flurry of performing and teaching, Eli became a Teaching Artist for the NYC Ballet to share his charisma, unique instructional style and love of the arts with students throughout the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island.

Over the next several years, Eli would further develop his love of contemporary dance and Hip Hop to create visionary, Avant Garde, evolutionary, experimental dance practices that would fuse many styles of modern dance, launching them in to the seemingly distant realm of fine art.

Now a father, Eli’s schedule is taking up all 8 Gigs in his phone. He teaches break dancing at the 92Y in Manhattan. If you’re quick enough, you can find him teaching Hip Hop elsewhere in New York for the Center for Arts Education or for the NYC Ballet. Additionally, you can catch him teaching at the prestigious Brant Lake Dance Camp each summer. And, if that’s not enough, Eli is also understudying with the elite Souljerz break dance crew—all in a simple effort to keep things earth-shattering.

Amongst Eli’s comrades are his newfound allies, One Human Performance. They provide sports injury prevention consultation to professional sports organizations, such as NFL teams and Olympic athletes, and to everyday athletes alike. One Human Performance uses a functional movement screening to find points of asymmetry in the body during athletic performance. Upon discovering these points of weakness, athletes are trained to improve performance, lengthen their careers and improve their lives.

Teaming up with One Human Performance, Eli’s next mission is to transport these techniques to the world of dance via the Athletic Arts Dance Academy.


serenaCurrently, Sarina Taggart is a dance major at the County College of Morris. Upon completion of her Associate Fine Arts degree she plans on continuing her dance education at Montclair State University. During her years at Wayne Valley High School she was on the Varsity Dance Team and Captain WVHS’s Blue tap Team for two years. They went to Disney, Florida every year to perform and compete at UDA Nationals. She is a sweet, nurturing, competitive young lady that knows how to get the best out of a dancer. She is proud to be a part of the Athletic Arts Dance Academy.



airmaxB-boy Airmax of Souljerz Crew is one of the most humble, competitive, talented dancers you will ever meet and have the pleasure of studying under. He has performed on MTV, as well as for major recording artists Sean Kingston, Chris Brown and, Justin Timberlake! Not to mention he also travels and performs all over our nation with the drummers, Industrial Rhythms, from the Off-Broadway show STOMP! Check out his videos, they say it all!
Video 1 | Video 2



mailDJ, MC, Dancer Jason Harrison is a full-time triple threat entertainer with years of experience in the entertainment industry. His career began subtly as a dancer and DJ while attending Rutgers University. After graduating he brought his club DJ mixing skills to the next level. With the ability to be a very smooth and/or party rocking MC that can keep the beat flowing all night, he takes great pride in each and every event he attends. Here is some of what he can bring to your event. He has an enormous collection of music in which he is well versed. He has a great energy and skillset to keep your guests well informed and moving all night. Everyone will know whether it is time to enjoy their diner, dance the night away or sit and direct their attention to the guests of honor. He is very experienced in Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies and receptions, which make up a majority of his yearly work. He is not shy and gets on the dance floor to lead your audience in todays line dances. He plays fun games and makes all your special instructions come to life right before your eyes. He won’t miss a single detail from the itinerary sheet that you and him will fill out together. The greatest thing about Jason is that he is always eager to hear about your ideas, and stay open to your suggestions. He is a progressive professional entertainer that will answer any question you have. Jason is an entertainer that is always sure to please for any occasion.

45147_1484399663181_1029549492_1438678_3535561_n D.J. L’Nino grew up in a musical family. Listening to classic Latin records with his father as a youngster, he came up in rhythm and sound. His brother, now in L.A. has produced house music of national acclaim. L’Nino has been on the turntables since eighth grade. Through being a natural talent in the local underground scene he became the D.J. for major recording artist Young Boss now know as Dave Rush. His biggest hit, Shooting Star featuring Pitbull, Kevin Rudolf, and LMFAO, landed them a southwest tour as the opening act for Pitbull. Still working with Dave Rush, L’Nino is now rocking Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s and more along side e Entertainments MC / Dancers. He has a sound all his own that your crowd is guaranteed to enjoy! Book him and you WILL find out why the call him “The Human Storm”…